It’s November rain in September outside – it pours almost constantly, it’s gloomy and quite cold 🙂Nevertheless, that won’t stop me today to visit one of my favorite events, organized by my friend Aleksandra Petrovski. All who follow Music Storyline for some time, already know that every month I dedicate a special playlist to Curiosity Chat gathering of curious and creative minds.

In short, for those unfamiliar with it, Curiosity Chat is a monthly gathering of multi-potential / renaissance persons, in one-word all-rounded people too curious to fit in imposed social representation about one and only calling which we all should find and do only that for our whole lives.

Inspired by previous Aleksandra’s guests, Branislav Maričić and Lidija Maričić-Savusalo, founder and director respectively, of Finesa education center and publishing company whose books I adore, a new playlist was created. “To write, to read, to enjoy…” as a synonym of one winning combination (as I see it :D). The playlist also includes the musical works of great composers and their compositions written for or arranged afterward for the piano. I hope you will like it and that you will be doing some creative and interesting things while listening to this playlist 🙂

Foto: Pixaby