Last week I had the chance to talk and do an interview with an amazing musician who wrote a real musical spy story 🙂The new release of author Sloba Dragović “Spy Story”, is a unique music project in our region, inspired by a legendary comic-book character Alan Ford. Sloba is a musician with a multi-decade career and experience of working with top-class musicians, therefore it’s not surprising that after all those years of work, he created this creative, futuristic but also a little retro audio-visual piece. If you want to find out more about how a comic-book can get its own soundtrack (and not just any comic-book :)), I recommend you to read the full interview with Sloba Dragović 🙂

Inspired by Sloba’s new release, today’s playlist starts in a similar mood, so I hope you will like it and maybe while you are listening to the first couple of songs you would feel like inside some cool movie, or even better a comic-book 😉Enjoy!

Foto: Frank Okay