By combining my marketing skills with academic education and practical work in music industry, I am providing an unique service – producing playlists for companies, agencies or individuals who organize any thematic events. If you are in need of a person who will create the musical selection appropriate to your company brand or specificity of the audience for the event you are organizing, you can contact me at contact@musicstoryline.com

Are you having an idea how to engage in music professionally, but not completely sure how to start it all up or how to establish it as a business? No matter if it’s starting your own workshop, teaching a music class, or something completely new, it will be my honour to help you in communicating your ideas, services or products to the right audience.

I managed to merge my communication skills with my passion towards writing about music, into a specific set of services which are a combination of PR activities, creative consultancy and music supervision. If you are producing your own music, have a band or just composing, I am here to help you do it even better, based on my multiple years of experience in the music industry.