About me

My name is Katarina Mitić and this is my musical story.
Profession-wise I am a musicologist, a music supervisor and a creative marketeer, although by choice I am inter-disciplinarian and music aficionado.

After I have finished my last exam on Faculty of Music at University of Arts in Belgrade, I decided to get my foot in the door of one of the most listened radio stations in the country and try to apply at least some part of the knowledge I acquired during my studies. Working with people in a very tight-knit environment was a wonderful experience for me, and I still keep my love for radio burning fiercely.

As my interests for the music go beyond standard boundaries (there is no MTV Awards ceremony I didn’t watch, nor there is one Rolling Stone magazine issue unread, while searching for new music was and still is a big part of my daily routine), the logical next move was to continue my career in the music industry. Three and half years of working for Warner Music Group, one of the biggest music production companies on the world allowed me to completely make use all of my academic knowledge, acquire new know-hows, and create a clear picture of both domestic and world music scene. I learned the very importance of marketing and the vast reach you could have, if you properly position your efforts and the product. Beside the music, my second greatest love are the movies, so that was the reason I decided to step into the movies industry afterwards. Position of Marketing and Promotion manager for 20th Century Fox, for regions of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, brought whole new set of challenges to me, in the industry where every day is like a rollercoaster ride.

Whole time during my work in the entertainment industry, I practiced my communication skills, perfected myself in the area of marketing, and continued with my academic education. In June 2016, I enrolled for PhD at Interdisciplinary studies of University of Arts in Belgrade. Writing scientific papers in the field of music in media, participating at international conferences, assistance in academic courses, delight me equally as practical day-to-day work with people in the entertainment industry.

For 7 years, I have been active member of the professional academic women choir Collegium Musicum. Last but not least, I enjoy modern dancing, reading books, artsy video games and traveling.

I am currently working on following projects:

  • PR and Creative Marketing Manager at Linia Contra music agency
  • Assistant Music editor for Grand Opera Tour 2018/2019 project, at Radio Belgrade 3
  • Graduate instructor at Interdisciplinary studies of University of Arts in Belgrade
  • Music editor for music in all of Telenor’s stores in Serbia and Montenegro
  • PR and one of the organizers of Rock camp for girls

I have multiple years of experience at making music playlists for the major digital platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Music Storyline was created from my own desire to create a place to give room to all of the good music around us, not related to any region or language. Beside weekly music playlists I will be creating, in Blog section I will write about the different ways to be professionally engaged in the music, about the relations between the music and business/entrepreneurship in Serbia, but also what happens when the music mixes with different arts, media and technology.