Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have published their new album last week, which was premiered on their YouTube channel. Based on principle – we know that you can hardly wait for our new music, here you go, enjoy. It was very exciting, I must admit, it felt like attending some virtual concert with 20000 people, without a concert hall, nor city, nor state, but with a space in the virtual world, and 20000 curious minds that can’t wait to find out something new.

Despite living in an age where everything is just one click away, I am always impressed by the artists who manage to stop the time and gather their fans in one place with their undivided attention, even if that’s just one virtual album listening. Although I’m someone who makes playlists, that doesn’t imply not listening to full albums. It turns out that’s how it starts, for me to decide what songs will be picked for some playlist. Because of that, this week I’m recommending the new album “Ghosteen” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (maybe it’s better to listen to the full album while relaxing at home, and not in the office :)), but also my new playlist “Virtual world” inspired by the premier of this album which made an amazing impression on me.

P.S. Today’s playlist will surely move and inspire you to walk and be in the motion. To go forward. Therefore, this playlist has a message and a subtitle, and that’s – WALK! 🙂

Foto: Alvaro Serrano/Unsplush