An eternal dilemma, or a fight? The whole Music Storyline platform came from my desire to bring the human factor back in the game when it comes to selecting and recommending music. I believe that there is no algorithm in this world that would allow me to put on the same playlist “Ljubičice“, a young band from Pančevo, a soundtrack from an art game “Golf Club: Wasteland” and Marvin Gay’s song. Machines claim that it is not ok, and I think it is, that such a playlist should exist and you can have enjoyed it a lot.
Spoj nespojivog je u redu. Greške su u redu. Nešto što nema ni hiljadu pregleda na YouTube-u je u redu i sasvim legitimno, bez obzira na broj pregleda, može biti video sa odličnom muzikom.

The combination of incompatible is fine. Mistakes are fine. Something that doesn’t even have a thousand views on YouTube is fine and quite legitimately, regardless of the number of views, it can be a video with great music.

When it comes to art, I am giving an advantage to the people for now, and the score on my scoreboard is 1: 0 for us.

We will celebrate that success with a new playlist that you can listen to on YouTube and Deezer 🙂