Culinary Journey and Rock’n’roll is the first playlist I make within the Music Storyline platform, which is designed specifically for some occasions. I gladly accepted the invitation of my friend Alexandra Petrovski to prepare a playlist for the events she organizes once a month, which I heartily recommend. Curiosity chat, according to Alexandra, is a monthly gathering of multipotentialists / universals / renaissance persons – a word of versatile people too curious to fit into the imposed social idea of ​​the one true vocation we need to find and deal with all our lives. To this I would add that for someone who has been stepping in the “interdisciplinary way” all his life, such an event is at the same time a positive acknowledgment, inspiration, and impetus. To make the joy even greater, Alexandra’s interlocutors at the upcoming reunion are two great people – Sanja Milosavljevic and Mario Frleta, people who turned their love and hobby into something that became a vocation that they gladly accepted. Both are world travelers, hence the name of the playlist, which takes us from Russia, where Mario lived for years, to America, which they both gladly visit, through France, all the way to Italy where our Dream will be training some Italian women this spring that is, healthy pasta. When you read their bios, there is no chance that you won’t want to hear these stories live, but there are many more that await us at upcoming Curiosity talks that I can’t wait 🙂