In one recent interview regarding his new album “My Songs”, Sting stated the following:

“… I think it’s important for songs to have the stories attached to them – where are they written, in whose home, in which country, what was going through my head at that moment, what was happening around the world. It’s important to show that they were created in the real world and not appearing out of thin air.”

After reading this, I realized that Sting gives a lot of importance to the context, which is very important for every musician. Behind every song should be a story, even something like “we joked around in the studio one day, and look, this thing you love was created”. Even that’s some kind of context, I guess 🙂In that manner, there is a chance for listeners to pause for a bit and pay little more attention to the music they are listening. Sometimes, we want to learn more about that new “music storyline”.

Within Music Storyline playlists, I am taking the songs out of their initial context and placing them in some new context, for them to find their place there also. I am trying to find them a good environment so they can reach some new audience (you :)) in the hope of taking you to the place of their origin and provide you with something more than just regular listening 😉