When was the last time you really wanted to hear a song and you couldn’t do it right away by rushing to your computer or reaching for your phone? Well, something like this happened to me last summer and frankly, it got me thinking. Together with my friend Tamara, last summer I visited the town of Bosansko Grahovo which today has about 800 inhabitants. And all this would not be unusual if there were not one pub in that city where it is explicitly forbidden to listen to anything else than good music (that is clear to you that the quality of the music is estimated by the pub owner :)). There is no internet and all the music is in the folder on the computer next to the bar, which further indicates that the choice of music is selected but limited also. I called the pub “Noah’s Bar” because it was amazing to me that there was something like that, in a small place surrounded by darkness, mountains, and silence. One night we fervently wanted to hear a new Lenny Kravitz thing. Among the guests, we barely found one boy who had internet and could connect to a computer. I don’t remember seeing people so happy about hearing some songs. The bottom line was neither in Lenny, nor in his new song, but in that excitement when you were waiting to hear some new, undiscovered music. In that honor, my first playlist starts with Lenny, hoping that you, along with me, will have plenty of moments like this on our Music Storyline journey.

I will only add that at the insistence of the pub owner, we did something that is never done – we played the song “Low” three times in a row 🙂

Enjoy in the playlist on Deezer and YouTube: